Mr. Peabody’s Coal Train – Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery

"Mr. Peabody's Coal Train" addresses issues about the coal mining industry and connections between the mining corporations and the federal government.

As a citizen and human being I am concerned with the destruction of the natural environment by corporations in the name of profit. As I connect the dots, it is appalling to find the direct links between campaign contributions and the lack of law enforcement, complete disregard for, and deregulations of existing environmental laws. It is hard to imagine that the politicians who are suppose to provide, preserve and protect the health of the citizens and natural environment of this country look the other way in the interest of the few who contribute. While this exhibit speaks directly about one company, Peabody Energy Corporation, I think it can speak about the other coal mining companies working to destroy our region such as National Coal Corporation, Massey Energy and Arch Coal Incorporated.

Tennessee Arts Commission Gallery, Nashville, TN, December 17, 2005 - January 27, 2006
wood, rubber, water, pumps, video, drawings, toy trains, cast aluminum, dirt, coal
gallery installation.