Holston River Diaries, Knoxville, TN & Emory, VA

“Holston River Diaries” was a two part exhibition and created a connection between the two communities where it was exhibited (Knoxville, TN & Emory, VA).

“Holston River Diaries” addressed issues about water quality, the watershed's rich cultural and natural history and the quality of life (based on the waterways and a sense of place) within the Holston River watershed.

The communities were invited to add entries into the Diary. The entries reflect water stories, experiences, observations and/or events as it relates to the Holston River and it’s tributaries. These entries are part of the exhibit in the galleries and on the website.

We went into two middle schools in both communities to work with children producing diary entries. At Holston Middle School in Knoxville, Tennessee we worked with three Life Science classes and at Glade Springs Middle School in Glade Springs, Virginia we worked with three Art classes. The entries made by the children at the schools are hanging in the galleries and are part of the computer based diaries in both venues.

To celebrate “we all live downstream”, the project will host a parade down the river. Floats may consider also being a diary entry. The public was invited to create floats for the parade. Floats had to be made completely of natural materials. The floats were not be retrieved. The material used had to be biodegradable and not harmful to the watershed or it's inhabitants in anyway.




Gregg Schlanger installation featured on WCYB-TV News 5 (Barry Jones, interviewed)