Artist Statement

I am very interested in exploring through my projects the potential of
creating a better “sense of place” (leading to a respect for that place and
the environment). I believe this can happen through community involvement
and the educational aspects that occur, which deal with the various concepts of
my work.

I work primarily in installations and community public art projects. Many
of my projects continue to reinforce my objective to collaborate with the
sciences. I examine environmental issues through a long process of
educating myself on the subject. It is exciting for me as an artist to work
with biologists who share a similar passion. Many of my installations are in
public areas. I am extremely interested in working in this environment.
Through my work I am concerned with the issues of public art and public
accessibility to it. I enjoy the challenge of creating work that considers
an audience of both art educated as well as non-art educated people. Aspects
of community oriented art and educational components are important elements
of my projects. My last projects have included working with university
students and school children that participated in the creation of the work.

With my work, I am able to continue the development of my visual vocabulary
through the use of common visual languages. I hope to bring to the dialogue
on public art new questions about public space, public accessibility, and
community involvement and to address issues on low versus high art forms.